Wild Butterfly is a unique boutique with a special story. Early 2015 Tiffany Baier and her friend, Melissa, started the boutique in Tiffany’s home. The business grew and they had to move into a larger building with easier access for their customers.

     This boutique began with a story of a family that suffered unimaginable loss yet found comfort in a “butterfly”. Tiffany’s sister, Tanya, her husband and two small sons were killed in a tornado on April 2, 2006. After their loss Tiffany’s mother, Selene Barron, began to see butterflies in the most unusual places. Every day she would see butterflies in some form. Tiffany and Melissa were pondering on a name for their new endeavor and “Wild Butterfly” quickly became a thought that turned into a name. It was as if Tanya had named the store – it was so right and a wonderful memorial for her. Selene said, “Every time I see a butterfly it is Tanya coming down from Heaven just to say “hello” and we are safe in God’s arms”. Butterflies are the Heaven sent kisses of an angel.

     In February 2017 Melissa started a new job and her time was limited to help with the boutique so Selene became the new co-owner with Tiffany. She had always been a part of the business anyway so things fell into place for all of them. A mother/daughter team was formed. They have enjoyed their time together, enjoyed every moment with their customers and friends and will always cherish these four years in Dyer.

     The business is now being passed down to a family member that is starting a new career after her retirement. This new venture has Beth so excited and she hopes that when you make a purchase on the website that you will love it and will be proud to wear something “kissed” by an angel.